Garvey Biggers has established a track record of aggressive, successful legal representation across a wide spectrum of liability and injury cases. A passionate and prepared advocate tirelessly focused on you and your case. An unsurpassed knowledge of the legal landscape, the adversaries, and the energy and effort needed for success.

Auto accidents and auto liability cases are a specialty of the Garvey Biggers Law Firm.

Case #1

Represented 36 y.o. male in car accident against defendant who was killed in the accident along with his wife. The estate of the negligent driver was sued for failure to yield at a stop sign at 19th Avenue and Pinnacle Peak Road in Phoenix. Defendant claimed plaintiff was sole cause of accident, inattentive and speeding at time of collision. Through investigation and interviews we discovered defendants had interviewed two eyewitnesses to accident but failed to call them to trial. Accident reconstruction proved defendants’ defenses were false and based upon information that did not take into account the two eyewitnesses. Client had to have laminectomy at L5 – S1 and steel rods placed in lower back. He lost his career in heavy highway construction and had an 11th grade education. He needed to be retrained and our vocational rehabilitation experts testified he was capable of being a civil engineer. We demanded $450,000 before trial. Defendants offered $300,000. The Jury returned a verdict in our favor for $750,000 after a 7 day trial. 100% fault upon defendant. (CV 98-06109 Maricopa County)

Case #2

Defended cement truck driver after an American Red Cross van operator for “Meals on Wheels” crashed into rear of cement truck stopped in rural roadway. The crash killed the passenger of the Red Cross van. The deceased female was 75 y.o. with a life expectancy of 1 year because of lung cancer. The cement truck was stopped in the middle of the road because the driver thought someone had flagged him down from the opposite direction. We made a $40,000 offer. Red Cross was found to be 95% at fault. Non-party nursing home assessed 5% fault. Client, cement truck driver, found to have zero percent fault. Verdict for Plaintiff for $500,000. 6 day trial. (CV 98-22795 Maricopa County)

Case #3

Represented two teenage sisters aged 15 and 17 who were passengers in vehicle turning left into West Side Shopping Mall in Phoenix. The turn occurred at an uncontrolled intersection and a speeding vehicle collided with the passenger side of the left turning car. One claimant burned over 40% of her body after being ejected from vehicle and lying on asphalt for extended period. Other sister took full impact suffering permanent brain damage. 10 day Jury trial. Awarded sister with burns $750,000 plus emotional injuries of $50,000. Awarded $1,900,000 to sister with head injury. Mother given $62,000 for loss of consortium. Found drivers of vehicles to each be 49% at fault and City of Phoenix 2% at fault for negligent design of intersection. (CV 94-06236 Maricopa County)

Case #4

Represented innocent defendant who rear-ended a van operated by a local male pharmacy owner age 50. Pharmacist was stopped at a red light in rush hour traffic in Tucson. Client who was stopped behind van took foot off brake and rolled into rear of vehicle. Pharmacist jumped out of van insisting not to call police but defendant called anyway. Later, pharmacist claimed he needed knee surgery. Defense verdict after 3 day trial. $50,000 had been demanded; we had offered $2,500. (CV 333603 Pima County)

Case #5

Represented an ambulance company in negligence claim where $24,000,000 was sought for resulting brain injury caused from a dissected carotid artery. Victim had been in two collisions within less than 20 minutes. The first accident occurred at a controlled intersection in Mesa, as a left turning vehicle turned in front of claimant. After the ambulance arrived and City of Mesa strapped the 23 y.o. female to a backboard with head blocks and tape, a second collision occurred on way to hospital. The trial was about which accident caused the dissected carotid artery that manifested approximately one hour post-accident requiring emergency surgery. The brain injury and resulting trauma to the parents was catastrophic. Medical-legal questions arose as to whether the injuries could be divided or whether it was an “indivisible injury”. Three week trial. Defense verdict in favor of client and ambulance company. (Maricopa County)