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Garvey Biggers Law Firm – Product Liability Cases

Case #1

Defended through trial the original maker of In-Line skates. Brain injured plaintiff, 19 y.o. male, purchased pair of skates and while skating toward a major valley mall, he cut across a street, approached a sidewalk and attempted to jump a gravel median. The claimant lost control and fell into an oncoming vehicle head first. Numerous other entities were sued and settled before trial, including property owners for poorly maintained premises and driver of pickup truck. Defended in In-Line Skate manufacturer against claims of poorly designed braking system and packaging that depicted users riding skates without helmets. Claims made that in line skates should be sold with helmets, wrist pads and elbow pads. $11,500,000 requested from jury. Defense verdict in favor of client. (CV 93-05487 Maricopa County)

Case #2

Brought two lawsuits against world’s largest beer manufacturer and manufacturer of kegs on behalf of two different men ages 30 and 28. Both men were in the process of lifting to chest high level full kegs of beer. One was injured by a defective and unreasonably dangerous keg when the rubber bottom of the keg became detached with 15 gallons of beer in it. The full keg came crashing down on the knee, hyperextending it and requiring multiple surgeries leaving him permanently disabled. The second individual, an employee of the local beer distributer was lifting a similarly designed and manufactured keg with rubber bottom and it too became detached in midair while keg was full. This time, the accident resulted in multiple back surgeries to the 28 y.o. male who was married and had four children. Proof was made that the keg manufacturer had secretly known for years that the kegs’ adhesive on the rubber bottoms failed quality control standards. The beer manufacturer while responsible for the bad kegs was unaware of what the keg manufacturer knew. After much investigation in the hometown of the closed down keg manufacturing plant, secret quality control documents were discovered and the case settled. Both cases settled for confidential amounts that were significant and substantial. (Maricopa County)

Case #3

Wrongful death and survivor claims made against natural gas supplier and manufacturer of gas wall heater arising from gas explosion at a residence. The victim was husband to high school sweetheart and father of two young children. He suffered burns over 80% of his body and three months of hospitalization at Maricopa Medical Center Burn Unit resulting in more than $6,000,000 in medical bills prior to passing away. We alleged that gas supplier employee spoke with deceased within an hour of the incident telling the victim to “bleed” the line of a recently installed new steel pipe gas line. Through investigation and testing it was established that new steel pipe can cause natural gas to lose its artificial odor. Alleged that the deceased bled the line per instructions of gas company employee, the house became filled with un-odorized gas. When a spark was created to try and light a new wall heater for which the steel pipe had been installed, an explosion occurred. The deceased was at the epicenter of a 2000 degree blast. The heater had been failing to light, or stay lit, for over two weeks and attempts to bleed the line by a handyman had been made prior to the day of the phone call to the gas supplier. These attempts resulted in no smell of gas by the handyman. The hardware store that sold the heater was alleged to have sold the wrong type of heater, as the residence required natural gas but instead, a propane heater was brought home from the store. The victim and his helper were focused on the gas supply rather than the heater during the weeks of it not lighting. The instructions on the heater and on the instruction booklet informed the user to call the local gas supplier in the event that the heater would not light. The handyman had told the victim to call the gas supplier the night before the explosion. It would be the last call the victim ever made. The employee of the gas supplier denied telling the deceased to bleed the line. He died at age 37 shortly after testifying in the case. Lawsuit was heavily defended against our claims that were favorably settled on behalf of the widow and two children after more than 50 depositions and four years of litigation. (Cochise County)

Case #4

Represented carpenter against world’s second largest power tool manufacturer. A miter saw without proper guarding failed to protect the hand of a 52 y.o. male who went through 23 surgeries and ultimately lost his arm. Negligent design, and failure to warn allegations resulted in a 10% finding of fault against manufacturer. A $700,000 award was made to the plaintiff after 3 weeks of trial. (CV 90-30684 Maricopa County)