Every quarter our clients will be sent a Garvey‘s Grapevine electronic newsletter with interesting legal points. Included will be: Personal Injury news and Water Issues. Garvey’s focus is Personal Injury law and as you may know, he sits on the Salt River Project Power and Water Councils. Let us know what you find important and perhaps we can include it in Garvey‘s Grapevine. We debated on the name since Garvey’s Tomato Farming lent itself to the Tomato Vine but we stayed with Grapevine as a news-y kind of report.

On the legal side, we continue to be exclusively Personal Injury; Auto Collision; Premises Liability; Product Liability; Fires, Explosions; Gun shootings and Trucking Accidents. Many people get hurt on the job. We do not do Workers Compensation claims but we do “third party” claims where someone other than an employer or co-employee has caused your injury while at work.

On the water and power fronts, keep an eye on the outstanding job SRP is doing to lead the way on ensuring a reliable water supply as well as holding down the cost of electricity to your home and business.

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